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Frequently Asked Cleaning and Maid Service Questions

FAQ's Questions

What is the cancellation policy?
If it is necessary to cancel/skip your regular cleaning day, MAIDS IN SAN DIEGO, Inc merely requires a 48 hours notice. If MAIDS IN SAN DIEGO, Inc receives less than 48 hours notice, or can’t access your home, it will be necessary for us to charge the full price of your cleaning. Future scheduled cleanings will remain unchanged. Please be sure to call in any termination of regularly scheduled cleanings.

How do I pay for your services?
MAIDS IN SAN DIEGO, Inc gladly accepts All Major Credit Cards for payment: Payment for first time customers is due in full prior to initial cleaning service. All late payments will incur a $15.00 late fee. After 7 days of the service provided we consider late fee.

Will I always have the same service provider?
We make every effort to send the same service provider’s each time. Occasionally there may be a change in service providers due to illness, days off, vacation or they may no longer work for MAIDS IN SAN DIEGO, Inc. Therefore, it is not possible for us to guarantee the same individual/team for each cleaning. In the event of such an occurrence, we will find a replacement.

How do you access my home?
MAID IN SAN DIEGO, Inc must be able to access your home to provide cleaning services. There are three choices:

1) The most convenient;
2) You may leave a key with your doorman.
3) You may meet the cleaner.

How do I provide feedback on my cleanings?
Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we provide a CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY EMAIL after each visit. You may also call us directly, or even visit this website to let us know how your service was.

What if something in my home gets broken?
MAIDS IN SAN DIEGO, Inc realizes the nature of cleaning requires our staff to touch virtually all items within one’s home or office. If any damage/loss does occur, simply notify MAIDS IN SAN DIEGO, Inc within 24 hours of the cleaning date.

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