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Green Cleaning Products

Green products promote a whole new social conscience and environmental philosophy. They help provide better air quality for indoor facilities, reduces health problems that conventional products cause. Green products eliminate the possibility of suffering from skin diseases, burns or allergies, Other constant symptoms that conventional products may cause are Headache and Nausea.

Healthy surroundings provide a healthy body and healthy mind. Cleaning products are all over our work and home environment: We might be actually making things worse using traditional cleaning products. Most of the conventional cleaning products are made with petroleum chemicals; these elements transmit serious environmental problems at a midterm – long term basis. Green products also eliminate serious health problems that trigger Asthma and other respiratory issues…

Antibacterial and hard chemical cleansers aren’t necessary; these products damage the environment and trigger a possible long term health threat.

  • Hydrogen-peroxide-based bleach for laundry purposes.
  • Look for chlorine-free products on the label of any cleaning product and make sure you use one product at a time.
  • Always have an old brush to clean counters and tile corners.
  • Avoid any hazardous fumes and prevent eye and respiratory system irritation.
  • Only use green and non toxic cleaners.
  • Petroleum free, Biodegradable, phosphate free, solvent free. (These are other helpful keywords you should look in a package of any cleaning product)


There is nothing better than a nice clean house. We used to go to the store and pick up any cleaning product, brand or price oriented. But we have become more knowledgeable of our homes and environments, we now have the responsibility to contribute to a new practice that can prevent global harm by simply switching from harmful products to nontoxic products. Changing the way we clean, makes us wiser responsibly aware, our work and homes will have a direct long term positive impact on the environment if we all apply this new smart cleaning solutions.

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